#40 Allison Patrick

Pitcher / Outfield

Alhambra High School

Class of 2021

GPA: 3.66

SAT Score: xxxx

ACT Score: xxxx



Height: 5'4

Weight: 125

Bats / Throws: Right/Right

D.O.B.: 11/19/2003

Parents: Mike & Laura

Fun Fact: Alli can sing with her mouth closed


2018 14U Bears

2018 Alhambra High School

2017 14U Bears

2016 14U Bears

2015 12U Universal Fastpitch

2014 12U Slammers

2013 10U Panthers

2018 Nike Camp in Santa Barbara

2017 UC Davis Camp

2016 Oregon Camp

Also rides horses and competes in Gymkhanas


  • Worked at multiple events for Hersmile non-proft events.
  • Participate in local park clean up events
  • Volunteer Coach for 8u rec softball team

My Personal Statement


Why I Play Softball

 I play softball to prove to people that I am capable of finishing what I started. I play to prove that I am not a quitter. I play for my friends & family who stood in the stands even when I sit the bench. I play to show them that softball is an important value to me, and their support is even more valuable. Most importantly I play softball for my self. I play to prove to myself that everything I've been through in life, softball has been consistent. It is an outlet, my escape, and my reward. It gives me a team of friends, who inspire me to push harder every time I step foot on the field. I play to grow stronger as, not just a player, but as a person too. I'm here to show that I am competitive, resilient, and hard to break. After all, it's hard to beat someone who doesn't give up.  


My Coaches

Andy Armosino

Bella Faleafine

Pitching Coach: Kristina Thorson

Hitting Coach: Mike Murphy